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The number of Chinese internet users was recorded as 688 million at the end of 2015 with 50.3% of Chinese people online (CNNIC). This number is still growing on a daily basis.

The majority of Chinese Internet users prefer to browse website in their own native language. If you intend to target this market, you must translate and localise your website. The localisation of your website is a critical step in making it truly accessible to the Chinese, and will hugely increase your potential customer base.

Localising a website is far more than a simple translation and recreation of your existing content. Once fully localised, it will not only be much easier to understand, it will also be a much more engaging experience for the end user. Areas of focus for our localisation include Call-to-Action messages , social media channels, website technnical compatibility with Chinese web browsers, searchability by popular Chinese search engines.

Once the translating and localising is complete, we can also upload the content on your website to make sure that it is applied correctly and appropriately.


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