Brochure Translation

$ 350.00



Transcreate your brochure by translating the message and applying the text in the design format of your source document.

Digital media has developed at an amazing speed in China, but, believe it or not the good old fashioned brochure is still as important as ever.  O2O (online 2 offline) is a buzzword that Chinese consumers love. If you are going to attend a tradeshow, exhibition or seminar, we recommend that you produce localised brochures to take with you.

Our brochure localisation service includes transcreation of the content, designing an appropriate layout, formatting and fonts that match your style. We will localise the Call-to-Action appropriately for your target audience. They will know that you have gone the extra mile to understand their needs which will give you the edge.

The turnaround time on brochure localisation is generally 5 working days.

Price: £150 per brochure


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